User Specific Blacklists

I have a marketing person who requires access to certain social media sites but I also need to prevent other staff from accessing these sites during work hours.

Currently, I have created my own blacklist and use the time constraint feature (the one for blacklists) which works really well for the rest of the staff. They can access their favourite social media sites before 8.30, from 12.00 to 13.00 and after 17.00 but not during work hours.

Network - URL Filter

To allow the marketing user to by-pass this bespoke blacklist, I simply use their IP address here:

Network - URL Filter


This works fine but that user bypasses all the rules. (Their laptop has a reservation on the Windows server to always use the same IP). I can still monitor that user which I find useful but the laptop isn’t protected by the Proxy.

I’m OK with this (sort of) but would prefer better control.

I use local authentication and see we have “standard” and “extended” user types. I read with interest that extended users can bypass time constraints but soon realised that wasn’t for the blacklists.

So, my question, is there any way to control users by proxy username and if not will there be any plans to introduce this?

I’m a huge fan of IPFire and I don’t mean to appear negative at all.

Thanks in advance.