USB WiFi Adapter

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I would like to upgrade my IPfire, which USB Wifi adapter do you recommend?


there are a few listed here:

but the list looks a little old…

Thx, but is to old .


In my experience, the more performant solution is to take a NIC for blue and put an access point behind it.

It really depends on what you are planning to do with it. USB is generally not the best choice for network adapters…

Hello Michael ,

Yes, I am aware of that, but it is the fastest solution.
I want to equip my ipfire with a faster AP.

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Yeah the fastest but least effective solution.

I tried this one about one year ago:

Worked fine with max. 20MB/sec.
Tried an mPCIe Intel 7260 also with about 30MB/sec.
Now I’ve got an external AP with 40MB/sec and an much greater range.


thank you, I have now ordered a “Wsky USB-WiFi-Adapter, 1200 Mbit/s”.
As soon as it was delivered I will test it.


I got it working with a usb wireless adapter that I originally bought for my raspi. Works great! If you’re interested in the model I’ll take a look tomorrow!
Edit: ist not the fastest but enough.

Hello everyone,
I got working the blue0 wifi network interface with a RaLink USB connector rt2800usb
This comes with Raspberry Pi. Out there are many models but take care about the driver and firmware… rt2800usb works well with IPFire.