Upstream proxy stopped working

About a month ago the upstream proxy stopped working. It was on core 153 at the time, and I reverted to core 152, which didn’t help.

Log seems to show it does connect to the VPN, and I can ping anywhere from the IPFire command line (via ssh), but a dig shows no (NordVPN) VPN address.

From a network machine there is no internet connection at all while trying to connect through the proxy.with upstream turned on. It will connect through the proxy with upstream turned off. Issue is with all network machines (win, linux, mac).

Funny thing is it just stopped working. No changes on any machines. Had been great. Desktop clients all connect without issues.


Upstream proxy
Squid is also able to interact with other proxies, find more information here.

The proxy and it’s config was not changed in core153.;a=tree;f=config/rootfiles/core/153/filelists;h=b2e21719640358885fe9c2c1540f35080446e2da;hb=c4f1f56157955c018510f7cd20f3d4c21cb294bd

But some lowlevel libs like curl and openssl but i have not heard from any other problems with this.