Upgrading from 2.26 up to 2.27

I have just upgraded and after the restarts I have now dnsdist config error:
I do not know what now I am suppose to do to avoid this message

thanks in advance for your help

Mr elfire

I haven;t see this error but are you able to reach the Web UI?

what core version of 2.26 were you upgrading from?

I wonder if there were just too many upgrades, and a clean install might be better.
Don’t forget to backup first

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the normal core for 2.26, nothing fancy.
how to clean 2.27 ? so I remove this error please ?

You have quoted a major version of 2.26 which was not used.

IPfire 2.25 Core Update 158 was updated to IPFire 2.27 Core Update 159.

Are you sure about the major version number. It is always odd and increases by two for each major version.

It is easier to always quote the Core Update number as this always goes up in sequence.

If you went from CU159 to CU175 (approximately two years of core updates) then there was an update to the initscript for dnsdist that ensured that if it failed due to an incorrect configuration file it would say so rather than as it previously did of just quietly dying without saying anything so you could end up thinking dnsdist was running but it wasn’t.

You can try running the following command from the IPFire terminal
/etc/rc.d/init.d/dnsdist start

This will give some explanation for why dnsdist is not starting.

In the last two years dnsdist has had 5 updates. It might be that some of the configuration options have changed in that time period so that the configuration file you created when you first installed dnsdist may no longer work correctly with the latest dnsdist version.


There have been fundamental changes in IPFire over the last two years, which make upgrading from earlier cores unreliable. eg separate /var partition has been discontinued and /boot partition made larger. Also much reworking of the DNS service.

A fresh install of Core Update 175 would be advisable

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I have restore a version of a week ago and redo it, I did have the same error at the shutdown but after at the reboot it was also the same

It is difficult to give you suitable advice until we know what Core Update you reinstalled. That is listed at the bottom of the Home page, in your browser.

It is looking like the settings that you are restoring are incompatible with the current CU 175, in which case, you need to do a fresh install without restoring old settings

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Official IPFire versions are always odd. Even versions are for internal testing only but 2.26 was never used by us. (only 2.0 and 2.2 if i remember correct)

dnsdist is a addon for experienced admins. It need special config for you network/needs.

/usr/bin/dnsdist --check-config
for more informations.


Hi @arne_f
In the IPfire blog all the release announcements have odd major version numbers 2.27, 2.25, 2.23, 2.21 etc so I think the Official IPFire major versions must always be odd.


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so if I de-activate " Système de noms de domaine (DNS)" before upgrading it should solve the update please ?

The error message you are getting is because dnsdist is not starting properly.

You either need to uninstall the dnsdist addon using pakfire or find what the problem with the configuration is and correct it as outlined in Post 8 of this thread

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I did remove the module before hte upgrade then I did the upgrade with no problems
seems dnsdist has got some problems

thanks to all for your help !!!