Upgrade from 145 to 146 fails

Hi !

I’m trying to upgrade via Webif and when it failed i tried with CL interface… and getting this

CORE UPGR: Upgrading from release 145 to 146
core-upgrade-2.25… 100.00% |=============================>| 58.89 MB
PAKFIRE UPGR: core-upgrade-146: Decrypting…
PAKFIRE UPGR: core-upgrade-146: Upgrading files and running post-upgrading scripts…

Message from syslogd@ipfire at Sat Jul 4 12:53:23 2020 …
ipfire ipfire: core-update-146: ERROR unsupported GRUB1/pygrub found!
PAKFIRE ERROR: Returncode: 1. Sorry. Please search our forum to find a solution for this problem.

Regards Gerd

How old is this installation ? GRUB1 has been unsupported for at least 50 cores.

I can confirm having the same issue.

Installation is old… about core 105 or so…
Its an APU2C4…

Ciao gerd

If you are not running a xen system with pygrub delete
/boot/grub/grub.conf and try again.

I’m on Xen but now finally migrated my old 32 Bit PVM to a 64 Bit HVM version. The only that was a bit cumbersome was the migration of the .rrd files from 32 to 64 Bit. Except that everything went very smooth.

Just a question. Why do you use Xen? It is possible, but IPFire just has more power if running standalone on the APU. Just my humble opinion.

Well, since I have only one server on hardware providing different services for my household as virtual instances. For me IPfire running with 2 cores and 4GB is performant enough and the performance gain on bare metal isn’t that dramatic nowadays.
I started with virtualization back when Xen was on a 3.x version, I never had a valid reason to switch to anything different.


is there any solution for this. I’have three IP-Fire running with XEN and they are stuck with .145.

Thank’s in advance
B. Hafenwasser