Upgrade 139 -> 141 - should I run a new installation?

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I read postings about 140 testing release, where a new installation was recommended to avoid accidental interaction with older files. Is this still valid for upgrade to 141 release? Or will older files only waste a bit of drive space now? And how much? At the moment I still have enough free space left on all partitions, but at the moment my ipfire is not “fired” fully yet, and it would still be easy to do a new install.

Hardware is a low power mini-PC based on an Atom X5-Z8350, 2GB RAM and an 8GB USB stick as HDD. The stick is the slowest part - boot lasts 2-3 and upgrade via Pakfire lasted nearly 20 minutes. I don’t plan to install more addons than absolutely necessary to get secure separation between my private green net and open blue net, and maybe in future orange net to be accessable via VPN, which the CPU supports by AES instruction set extension.

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It’s not practical to answer your question until you state the size and amount used for /boot and / partitions, as well as whether or not there is a /var partition.

Hi Rodney,
is this enough?

Sorry, I maybe should have mentioned, that is not my first ipfire at all, but my tenth or so. And before I setup and managed couple of ipcops…

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Unless you see a message on the start page that notifies you of low or no space there is no need to reinstall.

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Thank you, Michael. That’s what I wanted to know.