Updating my dynamic IP in Cloudflare

Hello to the community!
I’ve recently made the switch to IPFire and love it. It is running on a little cheapie black box (literally) 4GB mini PC from Amazon. I made the switch from OPNsense as FreeBSD had an annoying issue with the hardware.
Anyway, the only issue I’ve encountered so far is lack of support for Cloudflare in the list of Dynamic DNS providers. Since I have everything setup with Cloudflare, I would love to be able to just manage this on my IPFire and not have to run a daemon on some other server.
I see there is an API that can be used (ref here: How to Setup Cloudflare Dynamic DNS). I would love to be able to contribute to the code but I’m a systems guy, not a programmer. Shell scripting is as fancy as I get. :grinning:
Any possibility of getting this in a future version?


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Thanks for the reply!
I did see that post, but not really sure what to do with it. Like I said, programming isn’t my niche. Is it just a python script that I can copy somewhere? I don’t want to mess around in the OS if I dontt need to. Also, will it be overwritten when I update?


It’s code that should be patched into the python script that IPFire uses to deal with the DDNS providers. Unfortunately it requires also the installation of other Python libraries.

A suggestion, maybe you could open a bug report linking to that post and asking the developers to consider including that code into the script. I am sure the quality is not good enough to be used as it was posted, but at least your request is logged in the system and maybe it will be considered in the future.

You can use a DDNS bug report (like this one) as a model to write your request to include Cloudflare as a provider.

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I suggest a bug report, also.
The DDNS code is a ‘solid block’ for non-programmers. Inside it is expandable for other DDNS providers. But this should be done by devs knownig the internals. Further there is great probability, that this modification survives core updates.