Update from v138 failes


after a long time I tried to update my FW ipfire on an alix-board … from 138 to the current. Pakfire / refresh list brings a lot of errors, e.g.:

  • Giving up: There was no chance to get the file 2.23/lists/server-list.db from any available server
  • MIRROR ERROR: Could not find or download a server list

Did the update-server change? Please give me (= roockie) a hint (step by step) what to do. I suppose anywhere must (how?) changed the source…


First try to get as much free memory as possible!
Means, deactivate Proxy and addons not needing during the update process.
Best try to update from console shell per “pakfire update” and “pakfire upgrade --force”.

do a backup of your addons. Reinstall with the 149 image restore backup

I did not install any addon (knowing). But how can I open the console(?) - with putty & telnet or SSH I had no success … is it necessary to use the serial cable? The box is physical at another location…

How can I check the update-server-path?


With a tablet and mobile SSH I could get access to the console … “pakfire update” leads to the same error posted in #1: “Giving up: There was no chance to get the file 2.23/lists/server-list.db from any available server”

Check if dns is working on the console.

If not set the time and run unbound-anchor.

Also check /var/log/messages for more details.

Thanks, Arne. But as rookie I’m overstrained with your hints … putty does not work on the PC (a key-problem), on the android-tablet I get access to the console - but no keyboard, no mouse, terrible handling…

… I think I will go with the suggestion in posting #3 - backup addons (? - I don’t think I have one), dismount the mSATA SSD from the Alix-board, fresh installation 149 & restore backup. This seems the simplest way for me. I’m waiting for a timeslot where the FW is not in use.


If you reinstall, don’t forget to chose the serial console in initial setup!
The default installation gives you a monitor/keyboard system ( standard PC ).
If core149 doesn’t boot, try installation of core148 and update to core149. Maybe the images of core149 aren’t rebuild for 32Bit.

Success :smiley: … I made a reinstall with core 148 (removed the mSATA SSD from the Alix-board, flashed on a PC with Knoppix…) + updated at the end to 149 to test if the update-procedure ist working :wink: - yes, it works now :smiley: .

But it was a challenge: to reactivate a very old (with empty cmos-battery) notebook (because of the serial interface) and using HyperTerminal - a lot of not printable characters on screen complicated the work. But after 2 tries and 3 hours it was done (at the first try I was locked out - some not printable characters might be entered with the root-password)