Update-Accelerator with SSL Caching

Hello all,

we would like to use IPFIRE as Updatecacher/Proxy. I’ve setuped the System as KVM. The Proxy works, but without SSL-Caching. I’ve setuped an Gentoo with this feature. It works, but we would like to have a system that is much more easier to maintain. So IPFIRE. And the Update-Accelerator is really nice. So first question: How can i configure to use the Proxy/Update-Accelerator with SSL, that i can cache Debianpackages from HTTPS?

Second one: Yes we would like to use this also for Windows10 Updates. So read about in the old forum:

Is this real? It is diffcult to cache Windows10 Updates without WSUS? Wsus us really ugly, i donated a lot of time with.

Thanks a lot and best Regards :slight_smile: