Update 161 --> 162 IPfire doesn't boot


thanks for the welcome.

Um, this should have been fixed by this commit in Core Update 163. Odd to see dracut is missing this one…

Yes this commit will put the driver to the list.
But the dracut command you are using will only recreate the initrd for the currently running kernel.
Which in my case was the old 5.10.76-ipfire one. So i get the message
Kernel version 5.10.76-ipfire has no module directory /lib/modules/5.10.76-ipfire
/lib/modules/5.10.76-ipfire was deleted at this point.
The new initrd was missing `the modules
Failed to install module xen_blkfront
Failed to install module reiserfs
In case not changing the kernel everthing would be ok i assume
dracut --regenerate-all” will regenerate “all” initrd’s of all installed kernels.
Or you may use the –kver option and specify the new Kernel Version.

Ok i will try to check the core updates earlier (before release) if possible. Switched to testing…
There should be not many differences from ipfire on Xen to other systems.
The included xen_blkfront (needed in initrd) and xen_netfront might be the only ones.
And even this can be avoided by using standard drivers by performance decrease.

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