Update 161 --> 162 IPfire doesn't boot

I have had the same problem

upgraded form 161 to 163 (after upgrade form 161 to 162 failed with the problem described here)
same problem during upgrade from form 161 to 163 … missing xen_blkfront
examined the update-core-upgrade-163.log

Failed to install module xen_blkfront
Failed to install module reiserfs

found that the upgrade script is using
dracut --force --early-microcode --strip --verbose --xz
to build the initrd
but this will build only the “old” initrd from current running kernel which is 5.10.76-ipfire
i just run (before rebooting after upgrade)
dracut --force --early-microcode --strip --verbose --xz --kver 5.15.6-ipfire
which created the initramfs-5.15.6-ipfire.img
This initramfs now includes the xen-blkfront.ko.xz module
Maybe would be better to use “dracut --regenerate-all” in the upgrade script?

Hope this post can help others to solve booting problems with Xen

BTW: i have also the message “Could not find ‘strip’. Not stripping the initramfs.”
Not sure that the new modules are stripped!
19161884 initramfs-5.15.6-ipfire.img
11347044 initramfs-5.10.76-ipfire.img
new initramfs is really large… (maybe the new kernel…)