Unbound (and other programs ) logging

Just did some tests again and re-checked /var/log/messages. I noticed that HAProxy now writes proper logs into the syslog file.

Don’t ask me how this happened, I do not know. I did not change anything on my side, not even restarted IPFire, HAproxy or anything else.

An entry in messages now looks like. You should notice that localhost.localdomain disappeared and now reads localhost.

Sep 19 19:30:55 localhost haproxy[13742]: http_https~ collab_server/collab01 207 1821 --VN “PROPFI
ND /dav.php/calendars/family/holiday/ HTTP/1.1”

Wait a minute: I’ve written here that the file /etc/hosts looks like: localhost.localdomain localhost gateway

I had a look again and now there is a totally different content! localhost ipfire.ourhome ipfire gateway

So how on earth did this content found it’s way into this file?

Ah!!! A few days ago I’ve edited the hosts list in WebIf, inserted one single host. I assume that this action did re-write the file /etc/hosts, too. Presumably with the correct content! I do not know, so devs please check this yourself if necessary.

But why has there been some unusual content before?

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