Unable to view websites hosted internally

Good morning,

after upgrading to 159, i am unable to view websites that are hosted internally.

DNS seems to be working and pointing to the external ip address.

no issues on viewing the sites externally.

I am to sure where this issue is, network,dns or firewall rules. but i know it was working ok before the upgrade.

Can someone please point me in the right direction.

What is your ipfire configuration?
And where are you trying to view them from, outside the network or from within the network

My setup:
Green network:
I am running 3 servers (one of them is my ipfire firewall) the other 2 have various services on them as well as my main pc and a couple of other networking devices
currently as I’m still testing and developing these services. I plan to the servers over to the orange. When I am happy with them

The blue network has 3 separate wireless routers on it and only wireless devices can connect to that network, to be able to access some of these services I did have to put in some internal port forwards from the blue to green and I am blocking all other traffic going from blue to green for security,

I am running 3 webservers on different ports that I had to set up port forwarding from the red to the device and port specifically and make sure in the dns hosting I’ve got the url redirecting port 80 to the port I have assigned

Thank you for your help, after spending hours, trying to worked out what the issue was. I managed to work it out and it was a DNS issue, i added the local websites to the DNS server. but not sure why it just started after this update.