Unable to install IPFire

I used IPFire for many years. Now I want to make a new install, downloaded the new Image and prepared an USB Drive. When I start the Installer-Setup, the system says “Downloading Installer-Image from Internet”. And then waiting an DHCP. But I have a fixe Internet Line and I see the Image called distro.img inside of the Stick. What is here going wrong?

Hi @hijacker

Did you confirm the download by checking the sha256sum against the download page version.

I remember seeing in this forum a comment from one of the devs that this message about downloading things from the internet is usually related to a corrupted download so certain things can not be found when running the installation.

I did once have an IPFire download where the sha256sum did not match and after re-downloading it did, so corruption can occur during the donwloads.

Yes, @bonnietwin is correct, this was up just recently and points to a corrupted installation medium. Maybe the downloaded ISO file is corrupted or the USB drive is faulty.

Have a look here https://community.ipfire.org/t/offline-installation/5324/8?u=cybermaze

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Not sure if you figured this out already, but I had this very same issue this weekend when I upgraded my firewall hardware. The trick was to write the image to the USB stick using the dd image option with Rufus (on Windows 10). Rufus recommends writing as an ISO image, but it resulted in the “Downloading Installer image…” message. So, try this:

  1. Download *.ISO image (I tried using “Flash Image” format, but had the same issue)
  2. Open Rufus and click SELECT to choose the ISO image
  3. Click START in Rufus
  4. Select “Write in DD Image mode”
  5. Profit. Should now write the image from the USB stick when you install IPFire.
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I justed used an Image that I have stored on my server - works :grinning:
It also works with DD Mode now.