Trying to decide where to place IPFire in my network

Hello, before it was shut down I was a big fan of IPCop, I’m thrilled to have found IPFire in 2021.

I’m currently deciding where to add it for the first time to my network, I’ll most likely put it between my dual wan router and my LAN/Wireless router, however I do have one question.

Am I able to replace my dual WAN router with IPFire? Does it offer the ability to enter my ISPs credentials to do so? I included a rough drawing of my current network topology, I apologize for the chicken scratches.

Hi @sims. You are wellcome!!!.

I’m sorry to tell you that for now, from what I understand, the IPFire cannot perform Multiwan functions. Maybe in the future …

I would put it between the “dual WAN Router” and the “LAN / Wireless Router”. Or directly, replace the LAN / Wireless Router "with an IPFire eliminating network devices, simplifying the network and eliminating elements prone to failures. This last option is the one I like the most.



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Ah okay thanks for the reply Roberto. That makes my choice simple. I’ll go ahead and put it between my dual wan router and the wireless router, since multiple devices in the building are already setup with that router’s network, it really would make it easier on me to simply add IPFire in-between the two to be much less disruptive.

Thank you for your reply!

Hello from me, too.

Where did you place IPCop before? That would be the best place for IPFire.

The devices in the building are not setup to the hardware of your router, but to the network parameters ( SSID, DHCP/network addresses ). If you migrate these from your router to your IPFire device, the behaviour should not change.