Tor and DNS traffic

I’m running a fairly plain configured ipfire, and recently enabled the Tor plugin and configured it - torrc below:

ControlPort 9051
ExitPolicyRejectPrivate 1
ORPort 9031
DirPort 9030
Nickname …
ContactInfo …
ExitPolicy reject *:53
ExitPolicy accept :
RelayBandwidthRate 8192 KB
RelayBandwidthBurst 12800 KB

I also have a unbound configured for forwarding my internal DNS traffic (DoT).

When I have Tor running, and only when its running I get a myriad of log entries in /var/log/messages:

May 3 17:27:04 ipf unbound: [1401:0] error: SERVFAIL <HeAvYpLaYErS.cOm. A IN>: all the configured stub or forward servers failed, at zone .
<lots of similar messages snipped, as I’m a new user>

Should traffic which seems to originate from Tor hit my local unbound?
I verified with tcpdump DNS traffic is not from my LAN nor arriving on red0 interface.