Switch model buy support

Years ago i received a Cisco SG-300 10, see picture.IpFire will be used with this
Switch…its for 3 Pcs and 3-4 Laptops all via Ethernet at Home will never use WiFi. Please,The Switch i have is fine or You recommend a more Modern Model,that more suited to the needs is, This Switch would be for Small Buiness..the Home Network is only the Pcs and Laptop`s that i mentioned…!
Thank for help

That is a managed switch.
Should be more than enough switch.
Not shure how much setup you will need to do.?
Perhaps someone with more knowledge on Cisco switches can chime in on that.

Ok,Thank you very much,maybe become more answer.

I found this Model:Ubiquiti US-8-150W

Customer Reviews couldn`t be better…
Anyone have thoughs, or kow something about this Model?

Thanks an all for support :slight_smile:

That is a managed switch with POE power ports
Need Unifi (Free )software to Setup.
The Unifi product line is Whole System of devices that communicate to
the Unifi software. like there Cloud key.

Take a look on Zyxel and NetGear lineup. Not the toughest or the “glamourest” in the world, but they are quite reliable and good enough, IMVHO.

I upgraded my NetGear with a used Dell 2824 Power Connect managed switch in unmanaged mode.
Has bin very reliable and fast.