Suggestion to facilate navigation between all the sites

As said in title won’it be more easy for user’s navigation inter-sites to have a quick link on all the sites ( / wiki…/ comunity / etc…) pointing to each others ?
Happy new year to all


indeed! at least to us.

the missing possibility to reach the blog or the wiki
from the header or the footer and vice versa makes me sad. :crying_cat_face:

This continues to be a source of frustration for me. I cannot understand how such a simple thing could be left off of a modern site. It is so basic and embarrassing that it makes it hard to recommend the project.

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Almost all pages of the WebGUI have a help link ( the question mark ) to the associated wiki page.
What else is necessary?
A clickable link to isn’t necessary. Each administrator of IPFire knows the address and is able to write into the browser address/search field.

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good to see that it is quite hard or almost impossible to ‘write text understandable for all looking at it’ :clown_face:
can’t imagine what happens if the buringpenguin link inside the webgui will be discovered :joy_cat:

@serge + @grg3
so far we are an irrelevant majority, but at least a mayority :+1: [for now :grin: ]
let us assume the focus is ipfire and not a good website :tada:

look what i have found: