Status diagram problems after restore of settings

Ok, here is my problem:
I set up an IPFire (i386 on an Atom proc.) and configured it with a large number of DHCP client entries.
Now i changed the underlying hardware to a better one (64 bit). I configured the firewall up to basic functionallity with another basic IP addresse and than imported the settings of the former device. All settings were loaded and the firewall is runnung fine. Only when I open any of the status diagramms (eg. Status - network (external) there are only recktangles instead of diagrams.
I think that is due to the changed IP addresse and the restore with former settings?
Here are my questions:

  • is ist possible to just restore the large list of DHCP client entries (by copying files into a running system)? That would be the prefered solution for me or
  • may I repaire the diagrams in the system?
    Any hint to solve the problem is welcome!!!
    By the way, I am more or less newby to linux, so be paicient with me and give a bit more detailed explanation than for a linux admin…
    Thanks in advance for any help of anyone!
    Best regrads to the community,
    IPFire and Linux beginner…

Did you restore new install from backup?after upgrade.

Thanks for reply!
No I didn’t as I was not aware of it.
Will test soonest.

Ok. I got most of the diagrams back.
Still missing:
CPU-Frequenz Diagramm
All other are back to normal visability
Thanks so far!
Best regards,