Static NAT for gaming

I am wanting to move from PfSense to IPFire and am configuring a IPFire machine to swap in some morning when the rest of the house still sleeps. I have configured everything I care about with one exception - to support Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch I had to create what the internet called a static NAT rule (Nintendo Switch - Needs static port on its outbound NAT | Netgate Forum) and I can find nothing similar on the IPFire web interface.

It seems like other online games require the same configuration, so maybe its already there in IPFire? I have tried to search here for anything similar but if it exists my search skills could not find it. I really need to upgrade the firewall and I want to move to IPFire but if my kids’ games stop I just can’t listen to the grief.



Hello nbxmike, welcome at the IPFire community.

I think this configuration is call SNAT in IPFire.
See - Using Source NAT
The static IP mentioned in the article cited, can be defined by a ‘fixed lease’.

Hope, I got it in a first look into the link forum topic.

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I believe you do not need any special configuration for this.

Router replacement is scheduled for tomorrow, followed by feature testing over the weekend. I will let you know which I had to do - I’m going to see what happens with Michael’s do nothing and proceed to Bernhard’s link if needed.


In case anyone finds this, IPFire required no configuration changes to support the Nintendo Switch.

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