Sshpass als Add-On

Hallo zusammen,

gibt es einen Weg, sshpass als Add-On bereitzustellen?
Oder einen alternativen Weg, für automatisierte Skripte ssh mit User / Passwort eine Verbindung aufbauen zu lassen?

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Hello Jan! Welcome to the IPFire Community!

Please post in English. Below is translated via google:

This is how I setup ssh for an automated script:

Hi Jon,

thanx and sorry!
I have forgotten the changes since the new site is online.
What I need is not to connect the ipfire from outside without interaction.
I need the possibility to connect from the ipfire (shell script) an outside-storage for backup-export via ssh (and rsync) or sftp without password-interaction.
But there is no possibility to generate a key on the external storage. S it is neccessary to use USER and PASSWORD.
And as I see there seems to be no way to use sshpass or a sftp-client.
Hope it helps to understand my question a little bit better.

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As an alternative to packaging sshppass, you can always install libvirt and create a virtual machine on IPFire and install a guest linux distro with the software you need. A bit expensive, but it is a possibility.

Hi Jan,
I use sshpass to automatically access the stats of my dsl modem from ipfire. There are security implications in allowing your ssh password to be available to anyone who has access to ipfire’s logs so you need to use sshpass with care.
I have made sshpass-1.06-2.ipfire at if it is of any help to you.


Hi Rob,

thanx, but in the meantime I did it via WebDAV.
Not so extensive, but works stable.