SSH on, and continuously on

No problems connecting to SSH, but not leaving it on means one has to logon to the interface and enable SSH and then use the SSH and then via the web interface disable SSH when done. - SSH Access

I find this very cumbersome. There are at least two solutions to this I can think of without investigating any further:

Option 1
Set SSH for local LAN ONLY.

Edit you sshd_config (this is normally in /etc/ssh

#Port 22 *(or any other port)*
#AddressFamily any
#ListenAddress *(your local lan, even one IP)*
#ListenAddress ::

Now is that possible with IPFire?

Second is to build in a Terminal with IPFire WebInterface, like CockpitProject…
Terminal (

is there any plugin that does this?


unless you have created a firewall rule that permits SSH access to your IPFire machine from the internet, the SSH port should never be reachable from any network except from GREEN and BLUE.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller


I thought as much, but devs make changes sometimes.

Thanks for verifying.


no, not to that one. That would be a security problem. :slight_smile:

Peter Müller