[SOLVED] OpenVPN Roadwarrior Log - no more data

The log stoped working. There are no more informations in the GUI log available!

It was working in core 147 and then suddendly stoped working. After upgrade to core 151 this issue still exists.

Any help?

Hi @odongarma.

In /var/log/messages no appears nothing?.

Well, I have sometimes had a problem with the “auth” parameter both in the Client part and in the Server part.

In the Client part, the OpenVPN Client gives a log with the error line but in the Server part, I don’t remember if something appeared.

Try editing the /var/ipfire/ovpn/server.conf file and commenting out the line where “auth” appears with a “#”. Then try to start the Service.

You will comment to us.


I think i found the problem yet.

I have custom “client-connect” and “client-disconnect” in server.conf enabled.

Once wille the openvpn-metrics has updated, this seem to forced another “client-connect” line in server.conf.

I will remove one line and merge both calls together.


Hi all,

do not disable the auth directive activate it on the other side :slightly_smiling_face: .