Should IPFire's Tor add-one come with Vanguards?

Hello IPFire community (particularly Tor users),

as the maintainer of the Tor add-on in IPFire, I found myself thinking about bundling it with the Vanguards add-on the Tor project has developed. While it is primarily intended to be used by operators of so-called “high-risk onion services”, it has some benefits for regular Tor clients as well, and distributions such as Whonix include it by default.

It should not be a too difficult task to integrate that add-on, but I’d like to do a poll on this first to make sure I am not wasting my time (because folks don’t care, or use something like Whonix anyway, or whatever reason). :slight_smile:

Additional reading on Vanguards is available here:

Should IPFire’s Tor add-on come with Vanguards?
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  • No
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Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller