Several problems


i’m new with Ipfire, and i,ve got a lot of problems to configure.

  • I installed latest version. There was no problem and my computer navigate correctly using DHCP configuration.
  • the first problem i,ve got is that the url filter does not works.
  • the second problem are how to manage https page on web proxy
  • the third problem is how to log all the webpages requested on the computer.

Hi @esmol

You are wellcome.

Do you have the proxy in transparent mode?. In this mode, Proxy does not capture HTTPS requests. To block this type of request, you should configure the Proxy in NO-Transparent mode.

Logically, this change will force you to configure the Proxy in your web browsers.

In the second point, do you mean this ?:

And on the third point, in Network -> WebProxy, you must check the “Log enabled:” box in the Log Settings section. You will see all the requests in case the Proxy does not have it in Transparent mode. If you have it in Transparent mode, you will only see http requests.

Once marked, to see the pages managed by the Proxy, you must go to Logs -> Proxy Logs and there you will see all the requests.

If you use the URL-FILTER, to see the blocked pages it would be in Logs -> URL Filter Logs.


Hi Roberto

Thanks for the light.

But just one question. On my web browser, which direction i need to write on.
In my case, the green interface ip is


Hello again @esmol

You should put:

This may help you:

Best regards.


Thanks a lot. I,ll try this tomorrow morning and tell you if it works.

Thanks again