Setup firewall IN-OUT server


Please help me with an advice.
I want to setup ipfire on a HP Server DL 360p G8 with a NIC HP 560FLR-SFP+
I configured red interface(interface not responding to ping but from ip fire console ping with works) from our network router Cisco 7604 with static ip and green interface to a cisco switch 3570G. Green interface is setup with static ip.
Next I need to configure firewall with our ip range and make a rule for every ip in the network?
I am now to firewall setup.
I want to pass network from router to ipfire then to out switch. I possible with only a nic with 2 ports or I need 2 NIC`s?
Thank you! And I apologize for this simple questions.

Hi @valentin, You are wellcome!!!.

A network scheme would help to understand what you want to do. You can use to make one so we can help you better.