RFE: Allow installation with single or even no NC

Just new here. Looks very good; thanks for ipFire!

Just a minor RFE: Curiosity doesn’t kill a cat, so I just downloaded, booted, installed. Not. Had only one network interface, and didn’t find a way to go through.
Think it could be a minor advantage if one can install and add network cards later.?

Kind regards,


Hi Uwe, welcome to the IPFire community.

Just a question, how want you setup an appliance like IPFire without at least one WAN and one LAN NIC? :wink:

With LAN-cards plugged in later? As I wrote, curiosity, download, checked, booted, liked it. All very straightforward.
Wouldn’t be my first appliance that sees network interfaces coming and going … . :wink:


You can install IPFire with only one interface.

You wil have to assign it as GREEN and you can then hit “ignore” when setup tells you that you should have at least two interfaces.


Didn’t know this. Because I never had the need to try that. :wink:

Wasn’t straightforward, though did the job. And by now I plugged the second NC, and configured it.
Thanks a lot!
[I ticked the ‘Solution’ box and made it green. Hops, that’s the way!]