Repurposing Green, Wifi, DMZ

I am considering a move from PF Sense to IPFire. I do not need or want the WiFi or DMZ subnets as defined, but need different ones. I understand that there cannot be more than three total, but can I re-purpose them to behave differently?

Or to give you something to aim an answer at to correct or confirm or re-shape my thinking, are they:

All blank templates pre-populated with certain settings and rules that I am free to change through the GUI?

Or… Are they defined through text files that are easily modified, and if so how does that relate to my ability to maintain them through the GUI? Could they all be made to be different variations on the “Green” that I can adjust through the GUI settings and rules?

Or… Is their unique behavior and properties controlled by code, making re-purposing impossible without, well, changing the code and making my only build?

I hope this is an insightful starting place.

Thank you, it looks like you have a very well conceived and well constructed distribution that eliminates alot of “nonsense” carried along by building on general purpose distributions!

Hi rnsc,

welcome to our community. Nice to hear, you want to move to IPFire.

To answer your questions, we should know a bit more about your projected system.
A ‘standard’ configuration has two local networks attached to separate NICS, green0 ( usually the ethernet LAN ) and blue0 ( usually the wireless LAN ). You can attach both to ethernet. blue0 has some restrictions ( wireless isn’t as trusted as wired ). But these can be loosened ( blue0 rights can be made equal to the green0 rights in the firewall ).
Reconfigurations of the DMZ ( orange0 ) isn’t so easy, because the properties of this zone are defined in the basic concept. So orange0 is handled as DMZ at many places in the system.
Further there are possibilities for other interfaces, see - Zone Configuration and associated community threads.