Refresh detected hardware?

Quick question, it’s not a big deal if this isn’t possible… I run IPFire on an old desktop PC (64-bit Phenom II). The machine I was using blew its PSU so I swapped the disk into a different old PC (SFF so different PSU). It’s working OK except that the CPU graph is empty (it’s now a single-core instead of dual) and under hardware graphs it’s showing the (missing) sensors from the old board. I’ve run sensors-detect from the terminal. Is there a way to get it to re-detect the hardware without doing a reinstall and restoring my backup? No worries if not, if I end up keeping this PC in service I might just reinstall it anyway when I get time.

Have a look at this wiki link

There is a section about what to do if the sensor rrd graphs are incorrect after a hardware change. This might help fix your graphs.


Perfect, thank you - I don’t know how I missed that!

The instructions are a bit heavy handed and you lose all your previous network traffic graphs etc.
I suggest when deleting, do just old sensors and CPU cores e.g. going from 4 core to 2 core:

cd /var/log/rrd/collectd/localhost
rm -rf sensors*
rm -rf cpu-2
rm -rf cpu-3

possibly also (could be wrong):
rm -rf thermal*

After sensors-detect and starting monitoring, you’ll be in the right directory to check new folders too.

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