RED DHCP "Establish connection" no IP ADDRESS

Hi, everybody,

when I restart my IPFire it does not get an IP address anymore.
RED runs as DHCP behind a Kabel Deutschland modem which is in “Bridge” mode.

The logfiles say the following:

13:06:42 dhcpcd[1550] : red0: carrier acquired
13:06:42 dhcpcd[1550] : DUID 00:04:12:73:ee:80:d9:97:0b:8b:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00
13:06:42 dhcpcd[1550] : red0: IAID 73:d9:8b:0a
13:06:42 dhcpcd[1550] : red0: adding address fe80::82ee:73ff:fed9:8b0a
13:06:42 dhcpcd[1550] : ipv6_addaddr1: Permission denied
13:06:42 dhcpcd[1550] : red0: soliciting a DHCP lease
13:06:42 dhcpcd[1550] : red0: soliciting on IPv6 router
13:06:48 dhcpcd[1550] : red0: carrier lost
13:07:00 dhcpcd[1550] : red0: carrier acquired
13:07:00 dhcpcd[1550] : red0: IAID 73:d9:8b:0a
13:07:01 dhcpcd[1550] : red0: soliciting on IPv6 router
13:07:01 dhcpcd[1550] : red0: soliciting a DHCP lease
13:07:10 dhcpcd[1550] : timed out
13:07:10 dhcpcd[1550] : dhcpcd exited
I found something in the old forum but not a direct answer or what I could try.
After several restarts of ipfire and cable modem it works sometimes


Boot the modem first. Than ipfire.

P.s. Only english here please.

Quanto è educato il nostro buon wuslor…

Thanks for Feedback.
It doenst work “boot the modem first”.
And what is the Problem, when i reboot the IPFire to have this issues.
At the moment i reboot the Modem and also 4 - 8 times ipfire until it works.
Any other ideas?

does it work if red is statically configured?

I can try but which IP Adress should i configure in RED as Static.
At the moment i get the IP Adress from the Kabel Deutschland Modem.
And is the external IP Adress (not the internaly from the DHCP Server of the Modem)


You should configure an IP in the range of your modem.

Example: if your Modem is your Red should be for this you should not bridge the modem.



you should configure your RED Interface with some public ip address, the correct subnet and the correct gateway.
Did your provider give you this information?

Until now i was not able to solve the topic.
I wait for Core Update 139.

Patch notes:

Improved Booting & Reconnecting

Dialup scripts have been cleaned up to avoid any unnecessary delays after the system has been handed a DHCP lease from the Internet Service Provider. This allows the system to reconnect quicker after loss of the Internet connection and booting up and connecting to the Internet is quicker, too.

I will let u know