Random chrome browser message when URL blocked

Core 163
webproxy setup and turned on in ipfire router
Win10 workstations set to use the ipfire web proxy

Url filter enabled Custom Blacklist (ie by domain) works ok but the clients get obscure, and inconsistent messages. Depending on which Win10 workstation, and/or website they are trying to go to, users sometimes get a fairly nice “Access Denied” page, then on others just a "This site can’t be reached… The webpage xxx might be temporarily down or etc etc etc). This varies both on which workstations is being used, and which website they are trying to access, and isn’t even consistent on any single workstation. How can I make ipfire return a consistent “This Domain Blocked” or “Access Denied by network administrator” page. A customizable page explaining that they are being blocked and why would be really nice. I have ensured Chrome Browser up to date [currently Version 98.0.4758.102 (Official Build) (64-bit) ] but this doesn’t seem to have any affect on the problem.

Can you categorize the URLs?
Are the URLs not getting a “Access Denied” page blocked by some other mechanisms ( IPS, Location Block, … )?

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No other blocking mechanism going on. These are pretty common websites we are trying to block (facebook, tiktok, pinterest, spotify, ebay, and a couple of other similar). None are overseas, etc. Don’t have any “category” blocking active. Don’t even get the same response page from a single workstation at any given time (ie may get same message a couple of times in a row, but if come back later today may get different response page on same workstation/browser/website.

I guess I am trying to determine if the response page comes from within ipfire, the browser, or where, and if it is tailorable, ie could I create an html page and point ipFire to that whenever it blocks a website.

On https browsers will not accept the block page even if IPFire send it back. So depending if your browser first try http or https the result may differ.

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