R149 Update in Hyper-V: Pakfile Package Manager and NTP Pools

Hi Folks,

I am noting a rather serious issue occurring on r149 x64 after the stage “setting up Pakfile Package Manager” …

The boot sequence is just hanging there…

Also with “Set time on boot” - I am observing errors resolving the IPfire pool NTP’s

A few CTRL-C’s will get both moving … but this is counter productive to the purpose of the product.

Suggestions please ?



Supplementary: Try using the I586 image and the kernel abends …

Try viewing performance graphs… They do not work !

There are SERIOUS issues with r149 !

This need some time because IPFire try to detect Microsofts cloud here…

Here your DNS in not correct configured.

It’s already known that the i586 is broken. Intel has pushed some additions to the gcc and suggested to enable it ( -fcprotection) but this produce incompatible code and crash on AMD K6, Geode and some VM’s like qemu in some configurations.


Nope. DNS pulls directly from Modem’s initially supplied DNS’s (Telstra - Australia’s largest ISP) then reverts to Google’s DNS’s . All was fine pre the R149 update on multiple sites.

Not resolving the Times servers is a DNS problem. (Or it is really offline, or cannot validate the DNS answers.)

It also could caused by suricata if suricata blocks unbound. (try to disable if it is enabled)

Pakfire and NTP are not touched in core149

Thanks Arne,

Running none of these. Its an issue.

I’ll also drop in a seperate new thread re graphs …