R149 + r150 Test - Graphs Not Rendering

Hi Arne,

I am also having lots of issues rendering the graphs in the r149 - r150 Test (and there have been observed issues before this).

The new Connection Tracking facility works beautifully in r150 … yet these new graphs and some pie charts under “Logs” in the Web Menu are are the only graphs that are rendering on the system now !

Its a fresh r149 x64 deploy under Hyper-V with 2x CPU’s and 4Gb of RAM managed through interfaces connected to 3 x independent virtual switches (red, green and blue). There should be no issues with resources … and the fact that the new r150 Test “connection tracking” features render suggests that issues exist somewhere.



I may have found the reason…

The new “tracking connection” facility provides the FQDN of the IPFire server…


< img style="-webkit-user-select: none;" src=“https://ipfire.my.srv.au:444/cgi-bin/netother.cgi?conntrack?day” >

Other elements do not (i.e. Gateway Graph above it)

< iframe class=“graph” src=“netother.cgi?gateway?day” scrolling=“no” frameborder=“no” marginheight=“0” name=“gatewaybox”>

Although I have had no success with https://ipfire.my.srv.au:444/cgi-bin/netother.cgi?gateway?day (but again there is no open authenticated session with the IPFIRE web server called this way)…


I have been running Core Update 150 Testing in a virtual test bed setup and all the graphs are rendering fine. The same with Core Update 149 running in production.

Have you restored a backup from a different architecture? If yes remove the rrd databese because they are not compatible between different architektures.

Also If you do a fresh install you have to wait up to 24h before the graphs are working. (depend on selected timezone) because rrd tool doesn’t like time backward jumps.

No. Fresh reinstall. Backups have been restored due to certificates and keys especially with OpenVPN.

There was a change from 32bit to 64 bit architecture some time back when there was a warning that 32bit architectures would be deprecated … Like back at v141

I try to wait at least 24 hours before any report is lodged !

I have just run the instructions at https://wiki.ipfire.org/installation/arch-change and will report back results.

I am already confident enough to say resolved (and on the r150 candidate).

Databases had obviously corrupted somehow…

Thanks for the great lead Arne.