Question about hardware and UEFI

I am planning to purchase new hardware for ipfire and have chosen the cirrus7 system.

  • Intel Core i7-9700T
  • ASRock IMB-1213

Can anyone tell me if the board with its LAN interfaces is supported in ipfire.

Furthermore it is probably so, that this motherboard can only UEFI and no Legacy Mode. Can ipfire be installed with UEFI and what kind of dependencies can I encounter?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Best regards

1 x Intel® I210, 1 x Intel® I219LM

That NICs are “old” and supported.

It still has CSM but ipfire has no problem with UEFI + secure boot off.

Do I understand correctly that this motherboard is suitable for the installation of ipfire?

Yes of course. I have exactly that board and tested it with ipfire about 1 year ago but the whole system was too expensive to be used for a firewall application only so it went over to a 24/7 NAS.

Have you run spectre-meltdown-checker on that board ?