Qemu guest addiction

Why don’t add the compatibility with the qemu guest addiction for KVM virtualization?

IP fire works very well with proxmox for example… but without the qemu guest is impossible to optimize the VM like dynamic memory and cpu management and also power on and power off…

Please let me know.


I suppose you are talking about the QEMU Guest Agent.

It doesn’t exist as an add-on because nobody seemed to have any time to implement it. We are a small team and tight on resources. Send us a donation to support us, if you can!

Already sent time ago… but me …I’m a single person… no team… are bad times!!! corona virus stopped the economy !!! aaaargh!!!

What needs to be done to do this? I would be willing to help implement this.

Hey Pro,

what needs to be done is building this package for IPFire from source.

We have a build how to available here: