Proxy only on blue, DHCP option and Android

I have another topic to address to you.
I have set up a proxy with url filter in both apartments so that we can at least protect our children a little. I know there are ways and means to get around this, but not all of our children are on their toes :slight_smile:

I made the proxy and url filter according to the instructions, also the DHCP with the wpad option. (Instructions Anleitung).

I also have a green network - internally, mine is also used for work, and a blue network for the children’s cell phones and tablets.
Blue is separated from green by a firewall and is not allowed to access it.

As mentioned, I made Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Protocol (WPAD) / Proxy Auto-Config (PAC) according to the instructions.

If I log in with my mobile phone in blue for testing, nothing works at first, only when I manually enter the proxy in the WiFi connection, I have access to the Internet and this is also filtered as it should be.

But, via mobile phone (netz blau I cannot download via DHCP or manually ( or Nothing happens there.
Amazingly, I can download the wpad.dat and proxy.pac from the green network (

Is the web server only listening for green = ??

I also have to say that I only tried it in the green network with a Windows 10 … and amazingly (because green can access blue, but blue cannot access green) also wpad and proxy.pack from blue download via

If I log in to blue with my cell phone, an Andriod cell phone, it doesn’t work.

How can that be? Perhaps you’ve dealt with it before? I would be very grateful for information, somehow you have to protect your children a bit … :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance, greetings M.