Protocol Drop down menu doesn't populate

I am trying to add a rule to “Force clients to use IPFire DNS Server” by following the instructions within the wiki.

Following the steps near the end under the category “Protocol” I have selected “Service Groups” however, nothing shows up in the drop down menu, as such, I can’t select “DNS (both)”.

Can anyone help? Thanks.

You’ll have to create a Service Group call DNS (both). This will get you started.


John - Did this help?

Hi Jon,

Thank you very much for the help. I haven’t tried it yet (busy with family), but it is very clear, so I am confident that it will work. I just didn’t realize that the groups were not already created and selectable. I failed to properly read the top of the wiki page that tells me how to create a service group.

My biggest issue is a search for a reliable content filtering option, still working on that.

Thanks again, John

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Once you set-up the above and once the IPFBlocklist is released you may have what you need. Only time & monitoring logs will tell.

Keep in mind teens can use their mobile phones to get around most anything…