Problem with sip


I’m having problems with sip. I cannot register with the provider’s server, either with softphones or ata device.

The credentials are correct, since I can connect with a celular phone running a softphone installed.

I have port forwarding in the firewall with a rage of udp ports for rtp and port 5060 udp, although I don’t know if this is necesary as a client.

I read since core 155, alg has been eliminated for security reasons. Can be this part of the problem? How can I fix this?

Thank you.

Unlikely I would say.

First of all: You won’t need any port forwardings for this. It should just work.

What does the telephone say? Timeout? Error?

Thanks for your reply Michael. At this moment I’m using a softphone, Jami, but it doesn’t show up anything,

When I tested with a leadtek ata I didn’t get tone in any moment. But I don’t have a log to see what happen, or I don’t know where to find it

Problem is gone Michael. I shutdown ipfire and after a while I start again, the system renew the public ip, I have a fiber optic connection, and voila I can register with voip provider.

The doubt that remains is: it was the isp blocking sip with ip assigned or the firewall needed a reboot.

Update: The problem is with voip provider, I lost the register again with my fiber connection and with the mobile hotspot connection.