Problem with initial network setup

I detected a problem that occurs if you change the network configuration (red, green,blue,orange).
If you change it via setup program several times e.g. red,green to red,green, blue and then to red, green, orange, the nic naming scheme seems to have trouble with that.
Suddenly booting fails or setup says there is no free adapter — despite there is one.
After installing ipfire for fourth time I stopped testing this error.
Maybe someone else with a vm can verify this easier.

Disclaimer: I’m not one of the experts (sorry!)

It might help the experts:

Actually I‘m using the newest version.
I detected this behaviour on this and previous version.
Sorry, no screenies because I use the console. And now firewall is productive: No maybe fatal config changes any more.

But I want to bring this topic up, because someone had the same or the chance to investigate.
My aim is to ground check installation, configuration and documentation while I‘m using it as a novice.
I think there is much potential for improvement here.

This is a persistent issue with real machines too. If you want to change NIC assignment then first plug in an additional USB-NIC (to get 5 in your case) then reboot, before running setup to reassign the NIC. You might then need a second reboot, to get red connected.