Problem with Grandstream Gwn7000

Evening people

I have about 40 Grandstream GWN7000 routers that used to connect fine to ipfire/Openvpn since its built in.
Unfortunately recently due to updates on both IPF and grandstream’s side, I cannot get these connections to work again.
I used roadwarrior configs with route push options and client to client enabled and it worked perfectly. Now it seems that on IPF I get TLS authentication failed and on the grandstream side it seems to be related to local TUN Ip adress and Remote TUN IP address to some degree.(Although i am unsure as to what these should be since previously they would be auto assigned)

Has anyone else used these devices with IPfire recenlty?

It seems like TLS Auth is not supported by Grandstream currenty and you most likely had it disabled before. From the web-UIs I know, there’s simply no config option to upload the necessary shared secret for TLS Auth to the phones.

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