Problem with configuring proxy auto configuration

Hey guys,

i replaced an existing firewall with an IPFire and faced a problem when configuring proxy auto configuration. We have several VLANs connected with and L3-Switch that does the Routing between the VLANs. Because every VLAN should use the proxy i added the according subnets to the “Network based access control”. There the subenet of the green interface is noted in the CIDR notation (for example GREEN_SUBNET/24) so i added the other subnets in the same notation. When I tested the autoconfiguration i realized, that it worked for the green subnet but not for the additional subnets.

So I had a look at the proxy.pac and I realized that the /24 of the green subnet is transfered to / but not for the additional subnets. So I changed the notation of the additional subnets to / instead of /24 in the “Network based access control” and then it worked. Is this a bug or does this suppose to happen?