Problem to Open WUI with Google Chrome

When I try to open the IPFire user interface in the Google Chrome Browser v81.0.4044.138, I get the following error message

With Firefox v76.0.1 there is no problem.

Hi @anon2595834,

I just tried IPFire 145 next today’s version (unstable) with Google Chrome same version - 81.0.4044.138 (official Build) (64 bits), Firefox v. 76.0.1 and Microsoft Edge but I have no display problem, it works on all browsers !

@anon2595834 is this a new setup starting from 145?
Or it’s an old setup updated?

It‘s an old setup updated to Core 144 …

I also tested Opera and Microsoft Edge, same problem as with Google Chrome.

Opera and “New Microsoft Edge” share the html engine with Chrome (Blink)

@anon2595834, do you have a another PC for compare ?