Powerline shell beautifyer


I woule like to install powerline on IPFire, which works perfectly using command pip3 install powerline-status as decribed here on the project page: https://powerline.readthedocs.io/en/latest/overview.html

I get thos fance shell prompt if installing an appropriate powerline font in Windows and configuring the terminal tool accordingly.

After adding some lines in .bashrc, I noticed that the prompt is very slow. Some investigation revealed that compiling the Python scripts with the help of a C compiler would possibly fix this problem. When installing powerlin using the command above and add --verbose I can see that the install script searched for a folder named “cc”.

I guess it is looking up for a C compiler, then. My question: is it possible to install such a tool on IPFire?


Replying myself:
Since I did not have a C compiler within IPFire, I tried to find the necessary binaries that would run on IPFire, too. I’ve found them here on the right side within the archive: https://www.archlinux.org/packages/community/x86_64/powerline/ using link “download from mirror”.

After downloading I’ve replaced the file /usr/bin/powerline with the one from the archive and since then, all runs smooth.

Explanation: the previously installed powerline file in /usr/bin was just a slow running Python script which is now replaced by a binary file.

That’s all folks :wink:

Hi Michael,
in here --> https://people.ipfire.org/~ummeegge/powerline/ a Pyhton2 version as IPFire package can be found, may not needed anymore…

Your configuration might be interesting :wink: