Port 7437 Is it possible to fax an IP address?

I noticed lately that a port 7437 is the most dropped port on my ipfire and I was wondering if it’s possible to send a fax job directly to an IP address?
I asked this because I searched it on the web and port 7437 is used by faximum.
Perhaps there’s a way to forward this port to a faximum or compatible server program that can store any input that’s being faxed up to it?
If not faximum then why 7437?


I do not know the faximum service but i have a question.
The blocked packets came from out side of your network or do you have a setup like
internet → hardware router → ipfire running?

Why is ask? I found the following discussion:

In this case is was a printer controller which send the packets to the port.



If i understood you correct, you dont expect anything on this port. IPFire saves you with the usual perfect job doing for you. And you want to “print out the internet”. Sorry that sounds really strange. At least for me. :wink:

My ipfire is on a static IP with the ISP and the modem is unmanaged in pass through mode.
I’m just curious because the faxium service I hear is used to communicate between technicians and I’m wondering if somebody’s trying to tell me something?

Yes it’s coming from the internet

In this case i would say the same as @tulpenknicker , IPFire is doing his job and protects you from unwanted packets …
I see a lot of ssh connects from the net and will not open the port to have a look whats inside of these packets :slight_smile: