Please help with setting up IGMPproxy

I know very little about IGMP.
But I think you have upstream and downstream backwards.

Upstream = WAN
Downstream = LAN

What needs to be changed??

Write the code, or something else that needs to be done

I can not right the code.
I know little about it.
Your config file has the upstream and downstream networks reversed.
That much I can see.
There may need to be vlan tags in the config.
Read the wiki.

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I don’t understand this wiki.

For this you need professional support. See Support - Lightning Wire Labs Store

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There is no money

Then you must compensate money by knowledge about networking, IGMP, …
The volonteers here cannot give you a recipe without enough information from your side.

I’m out.

What should I provide??

I know almost nothing about IGMP networks

First, you should use google translate. Install a plug in for you web browser and with one click of the mouse you can translate Russian/English and English/Russian 1000X better. There is no reason for such a bad communication from your part with the tools you have available, unless that is your intent.

Take the previous thread and start changing one thing at the time until you get it done. This is how I did it for myself and probably that goes for all the contributors in this forum as well.

I can’t help you any further. You can. This is my last message.

No, I don’t want to hurt you, it’s just that the translator doesn’t translate everything accurately

I use yandex translator