Place to put a hostname

I am right that there are more then one place to configure a hostname for an host in the local LAN?

I found ‘Network/Edit Hosts’: I think this is for have an DNS-Entry for a local host?
I found ‘Firewall/Groups/Hosts’: This seems for grouping host for lest firewall rules …
I found ‘Network/DHCP Server’: OK, this is only a remark …
Same in "Firewall/Blue Access’

Maybe I am a fool, but this looks not helpful for a simple straight forward configuration …

I ran into the same and yes, it is confusing. They are all tied to what you are trying to accomplish.

This would be best here:

  • Network/Edit Hosts

It could be here, but this is NOT recommended:

  • Network/DHCP Server (only a remark)

Since you did not mention firewall rules, it would not be the other two.

Network/Edit Hosts configures the necessary DNS entries.
Network/DHCP Server ( fixed leases ) does the same ‘automagically’, but it is feature which could be changed.

Yes, it is confusing … and there are more places to put a name (e.g. VPN)

we need a better GUI … this is urgent!

Yes, there are lots of things needed! And some are confusing and some are frustrating.

Right now there are lots of security related issues (see the last few blogs). And many bug issues (see bugzilla).

The biggest thing the IPFire project needs are more volunteers to help develop code. Volunteers to help fix bugs. And volunteers to help test! (if you are interested, please speak up!)


Unfortunately, I am employed just now :wink: So one problem is time …
And I am not experienced in programming and using the new tools (git etc.). A simple script is possible but real code … I am afraid to destroy something.

But If there is a simple way to test something (without destroying my firewall), this is able.
So … the steps to test should be:

  1. Read something (I assume somewhere is a file where is a description what is changed and has to test.)
  2. Make a backup. (System/Backup) and afterwards backup all customizing (firewall.local(?), etc.)
  3. Set IPFire/Pakfire/Repository from ‘stable’ to ‘testing’ (or ‘unstable’?) and upgrade the FW.
  4. Test the new or changed features (see 1.)
  5. Report, if I found something I not expect

But, what is to do If I do not use this (new/changes) features? (e.g. Zone, CaptivePortal, IPSec, QoS, ExtraHD, URL-Filter, Classroom-Extension, Cache and so on)

… looks like I do not use the most of the famous features …

In the past I mooched (obtained!) an old unused computers from friends or family and then built that up with IPFire for my testing.

Do not test on a Production unit unless you have great backups and are willing to have a little downtime rebuilding if something goes sideways.

The first announcement to Users is in the blog. Here is the current Testing announcement:

And for details I look at this list:;a=log

For me this is a little hard to read. Look for tags (yellow / green) to give you a hint. If you click on the green colored Master, I believe this is Core Update 179 (testing)

Yes, this is a must. See:

See this:


It is good to test those. But it is great to test the items you use! You do not need to test famous features unless you use them.

Yes, this is important. But it is also important to tell us if it “works”

If you are not sure if something is really a bug, feel free to post in the Community. If it is a bug, report in bugzilla.


If there are devices (eg printers) or computers (servers/workstations) that have been set up with fixed IP addresses, then those need to be defined in “Network/Edit Hosts”. Otherwise those won’t be given a DNS entry and be accessible by hostname.

Network/DHCP Server ( fixed leases ) is an optional setting for devices that obtain an address via DHCP.
It has the advantage that the IP address of such device is predictable, when accessed interactively and could also be used in scripts.