Pi-hole is it working or alternative

I have search the forum but dont find any new post about Ip–fire.
Is it still bad to use?

Could I do something else that work?

Hello Daniel,

I don’t think there is an alternative Add-on to pi-hole in IPFire.

What are your looking for in Pihole? I use it sporadically on one network location, it still has the same negative effects. I think @pmueller elaborated on it little while ago.

There are few options
There is a URL-Filter but I can’t find any decent block list that works as well.
And it will only work through Web Proxy.

And if you are more Linux savvy @mutley created a script for Unbound called dns_blocklist.sh

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Not sure this is updated. may not work. out dated.

Take a look at this… It might do what is needed instead of using piHole


This will be a nice addition.
Hopefully there will be a easy way to add additional list.
If not now in the future.

Well the new 170 should be nice.
But PI-Hole with ad-block on DNS level is really nice and working.
But PI-Hole is not secure to use if I understand it right.

AdNauseam Addon and all Ad is gone.