Pakfire-wlanAP- Can't select wireless card

Hopefully, the picture above is showing. My built in wireless card shows up when I login to my IPFire setup locally as root and run setup. I have selected it to be the blue network. When I login to the web app as admin and navigate to Pakfire>>WlanAP, it does not show the card as a choice. Similarly, the section that lets you assign cards within the web app also does not show the card. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can try?

When searching the topic I only find where people are trying to make bridges and having difficulty. I am simply trying to assign the card within the web admin tool. Help, please!

Try to clear /var/ipfire/wlanap/settings and check if you now can select the card.
The RT5370 should work without problems.

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Do I delete the file or just erase the settings? Also, should I be rebooting after?

Ok, I cleared the settings, saved the file, and rebooted. Now I get an error message during bootup:

My guess is this error is because the settings file is now blank. I thought clearing the settings file would cause a refresh, I’m assuming this why Arne suggested it. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Incredibly frustrating is that the picture I took of the settings has disappeared too. Arghhh!!

Does anyone know how to get IPFire to setup the wifi card again without reinstalling the entire OS? Removing WLanAP under PakFire did nothing. The settings file remains blank (except for the field names).


At removal of an addon a backup of the settings will created and restore after reinstalling the addon.

Remove the addon, remove the backup and then reinstall the addon to get defaults back.

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Hi Arne,

Any chance you could tell me what the backup file looks like and where I might find it?


in case you have not read it yet, please refer to this wiki page for information regarding the backup procedure.

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller