Pakfire empty after Update to 141 - No Addons or something else

Hi there
After updating to Core 141 Pakfire site is completly empty

Strange is the hint for last list updates with 18367 days

Any ideas ?

Best regards

In most cases the Domain Name System is not correct configured so pakfire cannot download the server and paketlists.

@arne_f Seems to be right - Status is “broken”
But DNS Server IP is correct !?


IPFire needs a server that support DNSSec! is not a public IP so make sure that this is a correct server with DNSSec support.

Tested with public google DNS
Without success

Still broken, no updates

You probably forgot to set the TLS Hostname to

If the server test on the page is successfull (OK) but DNS is still report “Broken” this looks like a bad host entry or an corrupted dhcp lease so that unbound refuse to start or crash. Check the log at

/etc/init.d/unbound restart

Unbound wasn’t running - that was the problem
For some reason it didn’t start or crashed…

Now Pakfire has received updates

Thank you