Owncloud missing?

Hi everyone.

I remember that there used to be Owncloud on Ipfire Addons but cant find it anymore?

Isnt it supported anymore?

What im trying to do is use Google Drive as an network folder all the pictures and videos so that they would be available for all computers and smartphones in my network.
Currently i have the data in a usb drive that i share with extrahd&samba but backup for that amount of data is something that i dont want to do myself.

I assume owncloud could be the solution?

Looks like it was eliminated during a spring cleaning:

I would recommend dedicated machine with nextcloud e.g. with https://ownyourbits.com/nextcloudpi/ this does not have to run on a pi here e.g. also runs on a virtualized Debian. Perhaps also interesting but unfortunately in German in this context: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLg1WgOBYXOs3dFOlaujpPLXVkq06btrk

If you really really really want virtualisation in the context of the firewall, you could run a virtual machine inside IPFire.

Check out the libvirt add-on: https://wiki.ipfire.org/addons/libvirt

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Couldn’t agree more. Next/Own cloud should be installed in a dedicated machine, virtual or not.
I prefer to have my FW as minimal as possible.

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NXT VM think and ready to run on Qemu would be nice though… currently running it on virtualbox on a big workstation to fully test.